At Thomas Hinds, we carry a wide variety of cigars from across the world, of the highest quality, care and control. We work with some of the industry’s top vendors to import properly, direct from factory – to maintain authenticity and integrity of every cigar we sell. We sell cigars hand rolled from Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, Americas and more – as well as boasting our own line of cigars, Thomas Hinds Selection Series, hand rolled in Nicaragua and Honduras, to fit every need you may have.


We carry an extensive selection of pipe tobacco at Thomas Hinds, ranging from many brands such as Samuel Gawith, Brigham’s Mr.B’s, Solani, Vincenzo, David’s Blend, Sutliff and more – not including more than a handful of in-house brands that are mixed to perfection to provide every pipe smoker the exact experience they are looking for.


A perfect tool for you to smoke your tobacco isn’t far away. We support a ton of fantastic pipe makers, a list including such brands as Big Ben, Brigham, Chacom, Comoy, Lorenzetti, Medico, Peterson, Rattray’s, Stanwell, Vincenzo and more – the list is constantly expanding and changing to suit our customer’s needs best, along with Pipe of the Year, seasonal and Limited Edition options as well. Come visit us in store, or give us a call if you have any questions about stock or availability.


Need storage for the cigars you’re buying at Thomas Hinds? We offer a selection of humidors, ranging in sizes and styles, to fit whatever you may need. Anything from hardcase travel humidors, desktop humidors and something a little bigger to expand your collection – come visit us in store to see our selection. Don’t see what you are looking for? Speak with one of our associates in store, and we can look into options to see what we could do for you.


Every good smoke starts with the right equipment. A tamper for your pipe? A lighter and a cutter for your cigar – but what style of cut do you prefer? Does your cigar or tobacco need humidity, or repair? Need an ashtray for your cigar, or a stand for your pipe? We have a plethora of high-end, quality equipment to complete your smoking experience in any way you can imagine. Visit us in store, or give us a call to ask questions on our availability, or to help plan for your next visit on what you might be looking


Thomas Hinds carries everything you didn’t know you needed yet. Shaving and toiletry tools to keep you looking good, golf accessories for when you are enjoying the smoke on the course. Scents and candles to keep everyone around you happy. Travel cases, travel ashtrays and everything for in between when you’re on the road. Cuban coffee to wake you up in the morning, or to enjoy while having that first smoke of the day. Visit us to see what else we may have, that you just hadn’t realized you needed



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